If only love and finding love was so simple. Unfortunately for most of us in the real word, there is a lot more drama, ups and downs and lessons that need to be learnt before you find that special one, your “soul mate”.

This site is for you, to share your stories, but please finish your story with the lesson that you learnt. Whether the relationship was good or bad you will always have learnt something, even if that something is what you don’t want, not what you do want.

So many people don’t have someone to share these stories with, or feel in a bad place. Often when you talk and share your stories and others shares theirs too, you realise that your situation is not so bad after all, or it gives you hope that true love is out there.

It is good to talk, it is good to share. Send your stories in on my contact page, or email them to andriapawsey@hotmail.co.uk and I will share them completely annonymously.

Please add your comments on these stories and become a part of this community of shared love and support.






"Welcome – Please share your relationship stories here and join this community of love and sharing. Good or bad, male or female. But remember to share what lesson you learnt too. We are waiting to hear from you."