Timing is Everything

Today I was told a relationship story, but the person was not ready to post the details. I would still like to share with you the lesson of the story, as I think this is relevant to so many people and situations.

The lesson was this… Sometimes you can meet the right person at the wrong time. It may be the right time for you but not for for them, or visa versa, either way, one thing is certain, for a relationship to work, it has to be the right time for BOTH OF YOU at the same time.

Unfortunately at the time you meet or embark on this new relationship you may not even know it is the wrong time. You may feel you are ready, even though you have just come out of that other relationship but later realise you are not, or, something in your life changes which now makes continuing with this romance impossible.

It is also true in reverse, as you can meet the wrong person at the right time, but because you or they or both of you are ready to settle down, you rush into things in the first blissful moments of a new relationship with very little thought.

I am sure many people can relate to this and many have been in the exact same situation. Where you feel you have met “the one”, but for what ever reason,  at that moment in time, it is not possible to take the relationship to the next level, what ever that may be. Often this is the person that you think of as “the one that got away”.

Be thankful for the time you had and be happy in the knowledge that you know someone cares, even if that is from afar and who knows what the future holds, but be careful not to put your life on hold waiting. Keep living your life and be open to love.

If anyone has a similar story they would like to share please send it in.  It is always great to know we are not alone.



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