What NOT to Buy A Woman


OK, I asked my woman what she wanted for her birthday and she said surprise me. So I deliberated for a good week. I listened to everything she said and took note of whenever she said it would be nice to have something that she did not have. Then one day, she said that the sink kept getting blocked and that it would be nice to have a sink unblock plunger. That is when I thought she was giving me a hint, so I went to local DIY store and bought a top of the range pump action sink plunger.

I wrapped it up and on her birthday left it for her to discover by the sink – a lovely surprise for her as she had said a few days earlier that she wanted one, and I had listened to her to get perfect present.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, she did not like my thoughtful present and thought I was taking the Mick. She got even more upset when I explained that I got the top of the range model and not the cheap rubber suction cup type one. She accused me of being unthoughtful.

Now I never listen to what a woman says, and I just get my usual default gift of a necklace – works every time. BE WARNED GENTLEMEN.

One thought on “What NOT to Buy A Woman”

  1. I can see both sides of the story, but I did always believe there was one golden rule when buying a lady a present, and that was no household gadgets. Do you agree ladies?


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