The ‘Independent’ Woman

Written by – The man (who thinks) he knows what every woman really wants.

I have received interest from gentleman who claims to know what every women really wants and is going to be submitting a series of articles giving his male viewpoint. Considering most posts come from ladies, I have to say that I for one, am interested to get a male perspective.
Ladies – these are absolutely open for discussion. What do you think?

Post 1:   The ‘Independant’ Woman

I have heard the phrase ‘I am an independent woman’ many times but is being an independent woman compatible with being ‘in a relationship’?

Definitions of being ‘independent’ are
* not being connected with another or with each other, seperate
* not being dependent on another for livelihood or subdisistence

* not dependent on something else for strength or effectiveness, free standing

When I hear the phrase ‘I am an independent woman’ only makes me think there are immediate barriers to a full and proper long and  committed relationship, it’s an arms length relationship they want because they want ‘independence’.

This does not mean each person in a relationship cannot have a degree of independence in day to day life but if two people choose to spend their lives living together married or not, then they become one, each supporting the other and each accepting the support of the other in whatever capacity that may be, not independent of one another.

2 thoughts on “The ‘Independent’ Woman”

  1. You can maintain independence and be part of a relationship but it needs to work both ways. There has to be an understanding between you and no one partner must have control over the over. However supporting the other partner is important too. Independence will mean different things to different people, as long as you discuss this with in the prtnership then a way forward can be found.

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  2. I completely agree Paula and very well put.

    For me independence can be more of a feeling than a reality. Not many people like to feel trapped in a relationship. I like to feel I could do whatever I wanted to and no one would stop me. Yes, you always consider your partner in this and I am not talking about doing things that would harm your relationship, but most of the time you want to do everything with your partner, so it rarely happens anyway. It is the feeling that you can’t that can make you feel trapped and controlled in a relationship.


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