What Every Woman Wants…

Written by the man who (thinks) he knows what every woman wants. 

I appreciate that this blog might be a little contentious and by saying ‘every woman’ it maybe a little too all inclusive but from past personal experiences and chats with my female friends about their relationships it seems that many women often want the opposite of whatever they have or go for.


Whilst they may want a man who loves and cares for them and treats them right, what they actually go for is someone who does not give them that.


After talking with a number of female friends over recent years about their relationship problems, it seems the addage ‘treat them mean, keep them keen’ may hold some weight because whilst they say they want that all near perfect man and relationship, they are actually holding on to a man that will not give them that love, affection and commitment and then of course I hear those words, ‘but I love him’ so what they want is one thing, what they go for and willing to accept is another.


And then there is the woman who has that man that gives them that love, affection and commitment but then she is the one that messes him about, she fails to appreciate what she has and eventually leaves for someone a little more challenging?


So, I am, therefore, of the opinion that whatever (nearly) every woman says she wants is the opposite of what she really wants?

Confusing, I know!!


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