Finding ‘The One’

From personal experience and years of  listening and talking to friends, it seems that finding ‘The One’ seems to prove extremely difficult for so many people. Especially, in this throw away society that we live in, where the next relationship is just around the corner on the next social media or dating website.

Perhaps we are looking for too much, perhaps, we really do have to break it down into the most basic of things that we need and truely understand what the definition of that ‘perfect’ someone is.

Life is shorter that we think and whilst often we are all striving for the nice house, nice car, the perfect man or girl, in the traditional, ideal sense, when it comes right down to it, do those things really make you happy?

This may sound morbid, but take a minute to think about lying on  your death bed,  hopefully, at a ripe old age. What will you look back on? The things you bought or things you did and the memories you shared and the person that made you feel the happiest? It is an exercise that may help you to put things into perspective about what is truely important.

I have found a few quotes on finding the one from the internet as food for thought.

I hope they make you think too.




But remember…


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